2024 International Conference on Renewable Energy Technology and Electrical Engineering (RETEE2024)
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Prof. Kai Wang, Qingdao University, China
Brief introduction: Vice president of Weihai Innovation Research Institute of Qingdao University, master's supervisor (master's degree and professional master's degree), postdoctoral supervisor, doctor graduated from Dalian University of Technology, standing member of the Electronic Components and Materials Special Committee of Shandong Institute of Electronics, member of the Components Special Committee of China Power Supply Association, and innovation and entrepreneurship education supervisor of Shandong Province's colleges and universities. Received the 13th Qingdao Youth Science and Technology Award, Shandong Electronics Society Science and Technology Youth Award, Shandong Electric Power Innovation Award First Prize (1st), 2021 Productivity Promotion Award (Innovative Development) Third Prize (1st), Shandong Province Teaching Achievement Second Prize, Liaoning Province Natural Science Excellence Academic Paper First Prize (1st), Editorial Board of Artistic Intelligence and Applications and Chains. Led 8 scientific research projects (including 1 863 sub project and 3 projects in Shandong Province), more than 10 horizontal projects, and participated in 5 standards. Published over 30 SCI search papers, with 3 papers having an impact factor of 20 or more and 9 papers having an impact factor of 10 or more.



Prof. Ting Yang, Tianjin University, China
Brief introduction: Prof. Ting Yang, One of the top 2% of scientists in the world, senior visiting professor at the University of Sydney in Australia, professor/doctoral supervisor, topic leader, Tianjin University School of Electrical Automation and Information Engineering. Currently serving as both the National Electrical and Electronics Experimental Center's director and the National Intergovernmental Joint Center for "Energy Informatics and Demand Response Technology" He received the title of "Outstanding Special Editor" and is on the editorial boards of numerous international publications. He has received six provincial and ministerial honors for science and technology advancement, published over 150 scholarly articles of the highest caliber, and written four monographs. He has contributed to the creation of several national policy documents for energy development.